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Miss MBJ Texas El Cid 59/3

Miss MBJ Brazil Cooper 9 14/3

Embryo Transfer

The process of embryo transfer in cattle allows us, as registered breeders, to produce more offspring from the outstanding cows in our herds. Our donor cows were chosen to be embryo donors because of their proven performance and consistency in our breeding program. These matrons have generations of offspring in our registered herd and you will find their genetics behind many great Red Brangus cattle in USA, Mexico and around the world.

We are pleased to offer frozen embryos for export and progeny (bulls and females) for sale from the very top cows at MBJ Ranch. At present, 25 donors of international registration are being used in the embryo transfer program.

MBJ has a solid 150 years of outstanding selection behind it.

Embryos are available from many different lineages. (19M, Fort 607, Red Bull, MBJ Cash. MBJ Wiseguy, Legacy, Rocky, Sureway 090, Tanque, Triumph, Magnum, Texas Sensation, Jackson, El Cid and many others top sires)




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